shouldve spent my time alittle wiser.

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My name is Doug. I'm 23. Im just another geek with an over active imagination from Jersey.

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  5. It's All Wrong - A Short Film



    Do you like films made by women about women? Then please help support my short film! Please reblog to help spread the message as much as possible. Simply sharing this with your friends and followers means more than you think! With your help I can make this film into a reality!

    Were at 26%! Thanks so much to those who have shared and supported. There will be some awesome updates coming in a few days so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, please continue to share & reblog to keep spreading the word! Your support will make this entire film possible!

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  7. 'It's All Wrong - A Short Film'

    My extremely talented best friend is taking to Indie Go Go to fund a short film she will be making early this spring! Please check this out!

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  10. UNCANNY!!


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  12. ineedaradio:

    I’m sorry I’m not naturally whatever you are.

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s01e03

    This gif set is just one reason why I’m having a tough time getting into this show. Your origin for why/how you got the drive to defend yourself is because your older brother was a bully? REALLY?!

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    Saga covers #13, 14, and 15! Not long till we’re back… 

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    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Episode 1

    In case you missed it!

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